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Lutheran Braille Workers
Print and send the Gospel to the visually impaired around the world. Meets Monday and Tuesday at 9:00 AM in Luther Hall.

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Lutheran Braille Work Center #117

For over 35 years Our Savior has operated a work center where Biblical materials have been assembled for the blind and visually impaired.

Lutheran Braille Workers was founded in 1943. LBW currently has about 4500 volunteers in about 200 work centers throughout 38 states in America. The mission of Lutheran Braille Workers is to provide the message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ to individuals who are blind or visually impaired throughout the world. Every year, LBW ships about 200,000 braille books and large print volumes in 40 languages to 130 countries. With LBW’s headquarters in Yucaipa, California, all operations are funded by donations.

We at Our Savior, we assemble for the blind The Book of Acts and a synopsis, or compilation, of the Four Gospels. We ship about eleven hundred “Christ of the Gospels” books each year and about 70 copies of “The Book of Acts.” Using a special mechanical press, we put the “dots” on paper and assemble books that are sent by mail to countries on the continents of Africa and Europe, Indonesia, and India, as well as here in the United States and Canada. Fortunately, there is no cost to mail material for the blind.

Currently, at Our Savior, we have 16 volunteers on the “official rolls” at Yucaipa, although our numbers are occasionally augmented by others that help out when needed. Most, but not all, of our volunteers are members of Our Savior. One member of our work center, Howard Kottke, has been with us for 35 years. Currently, our roster includes, Linda Biggs, Larry Bonesio, Margaret Brancyk, Mickey Fisher, Ray Johnson, Rae Marie Johnson, Jerry Kahovec, Barbara Kahovec, Cim Kelly, Roger Klaves, Howard Kottke, Joyce Rose, Elaine Sights, Del Wade, Anita Washburn, and Irene Witherwax. Judy Klaves also helps out when we need an extra hand. Out work center is in operation almost every Monday and Tuesday morning, from 9am to 11am. There is at least a 20 minute break mid-shift, and always interesting and fun conversation between homogenous people.

We are always interested in increasing our number. If you would like more information,  contact Roger Klaves, here at Our Savior.

In 2012 Lutheran Braille Workers, Inc. honored Howard Kottke for 35 years service with Our Saviors Braille workshop. Our congregation also honors Howard, as well as all of our Braille workshop volunteers.

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